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Airmark Air Conditioning, Inc
Your local, family owned and operated air conditioning company since 1982.

Welcome to Airmark Air Conditioning, Inc. in Cape Coral, Florida

Airmark Air Conditioning, Inc. offers a complete range of heating and cooling services, from installation to repair to dehumidifying, on new and existing homes and businesses. Our specialties include air conditioning, heating, ventilating, ducts, dehumidifying, and indoor air quality on both residential and commercial properties in the Cape Coral and Lee County areas.

About Us

Airmark Building - Air Conditioning Contractors in Cape Coral, FL
Airmark Air Conditioning, Inc. is your local, family owned and operated air conditioning company since 1982. We are a class “A” state certified HVAC contractor that is active in every phase of the air conditioning industry to service all your commercial and residential needs in the Cape Coral, FL and Lee County area.
Ecological issues are also a high priority at Airmark Air Conditioning, Inc. We understand the value of incorporating “green practices” into the business, which is why we offer a variety of services to help homeowners reduce their carbon footprint.
From environmental friendly refrigerant, to high SEER air conditioning equipment, we have the products, knowledge and experience to accomplish these important tasks to make a lasting impact on the environment.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your business and trust! License #CAC043847

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Staff - Air Conditioning Contractors in Cape Coral, FL
  • Outside the home, the A/C condenser coil should be kept clean. Remove any debris in or around the AC unit that may be blocking the air flow. Also, make sure that the lawn sprinklers are not spraying on the condensing unit.
  • Always keep bushes and trees trimmed around your condensing unit with about two feet of clearance around the unit.
  • Check your drain pans regularly to make sure that they do what they are designed to do; drain! Clean them to remove mildew and growth by adding a solution of 10 parts of water to 1 part bleach. No more, no less.
  • Check your condensate drain lines outside to make sure they are clean and flow water freely without backing up.
  • It is especially important that you change your air filters monthly. Dirty filters can cause system freeze up and compressor failure.

Client Testimonials

They have the best deals if you are looking to install a new air conditioning unit. At first i didn't think i would have the money to treat my family to a Cool summer, but they showed me what would be best for my house, and i ended up having money left over. They also install top class units. As i sit here and write my review in my now Cool house, all i can say is good about this company! Thanks Airmark Air Conditioning Inc.

— Eric J., Cape Coral
I was told I needed a new $5000 AC system. Your technician, Adam, came out and fixed the problem in five minutes. That is the way to do business. Thank you Airmark!

— Dorothy, Cape Coral
Thank you so much for the fast service. (My husband) Bill said you did a great job. We have always been happy with your service.

— Bonnie, Cape Coral
I purchased an older home with an old Bard Air Conditioner. I had only used one previous time. I had my elder parent come to live with me who has breathing problems. I turned on the air and it seemed to work for about one hour, then..... so I knew I must have air conditioning for her. I am new in the neighborhood so I began asking neighbors for suggestions. I needed an HONEST repair person. I was referred to Airmark by a neighbor who just replaced his 9 year old unit. I went on the internet and compared the different companies suggested by my neighbors. I went with Airmark based on the nice recommendations. I agree 100% that Airmark is a super, reliable, and fast Company. I called and they came out in a short time. The technican named Adam checked out my unit and said that I had too much Freon. The person who did my unit before him had put too much freon in the unit. I also learned that Adam is quite the award winner in excellence in competing with other graduates from many Air Conditioning Schools in Florida.
Thanks Adam for coming fast and doing a perfect job....
I gladly paid for the reasonable $ 65 service call and now my mother is cool and we are very happy.

— Diane S., Cape Coral, FL

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Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce - Residential Contractors in Cape Coral, FL
NFIB - Residential Contractors in Cape Coral, FL

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As a licensed, insured AC company with more than 35 years experience, you can trust Airmark Air Conditioning. Should you need a HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) professional to handle your heating and cooling needs, we have the services for you. Call us today at 239-574-6970 and allow us to help you!

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